Who runs Mastihari.com?

You may wish to know a bit about who runs this site and the thinking behind it?
If not – no problem – thank you for popping onto this page.  I hope you like the site, find it informative and will continue to look around.

If you’re still with me….I invite you to read on.
 Hi! I’m Chris.  Here’s a pic.
 image author of mastihari.com chris @ KefiWeb
When people ask where I live I say “Antemachea”.   It is few kilometers up the hill from the village.
Home was in Mastihari for three years from May 2016.  The previous 40 odd years spent mostly working and living in London (UK).
Mastihari first cast its spell when holidaying here for the first time.  It was the year of transition from drachma to euro.
On returning the following year I noticed the eponymous domain name (without the “c”) was still available to register.
I’d seen the parlous state of many websites (at that time) focused on other villages and resorts.  I determined that Mastihari should not suffer the same fate.
Being UK based severely limited what the site could offer in its former years.
However, from the outset, I have endeavored to keep it factual and even-handed.
There are links to other sites.
They are to those businesses who have trusted me to provide them with a web site, email services etc.
That’s it.
Other than to say that I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas on the site.  Drop me an email (chris [at} mastihari.com) or join our Facebook Group at #masticharikos?
And lastly – if you’re in or around Mastihari – feel free to say “hi”.
Thank you for your time.
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