Where is ?

Welcome to the “where is” section of mastihari.com.

This offers an aerial photograph of the village – annotated with the location of each key venue.

Hovering over / tapping on the inverted “v” next the “Where is?” will show a drop down menu with venues by name.

The photograph does not cover every location – for wider coverage please see mastihari.com/map.

Aerial photography gives a different perspective on life. fotosfromsky.com has kindly given us permission to use some of their images of the village.

We trust this view will help visitors to the village navigate their way around and make giving directions easier.

The saying ” a picture paints a thousand words” holds true – and perhaps truer when multiple languages are concerned?

Every endeavour has been made to accurately represent the position (as at autumn 2017).    Updates from the more observant would be welcomed by email to whereis [@] mastihari.com or, perhaps, making a post in  Mastichari Facebook Group. (opens in new window/tab).

Thanking you in advance,