Kassaras Pastry Shop

Good food plays an important part in my life. Fortunately we are well provided for on Kos.

One of the greatest benefits of traveling on the main road to and from Kos Town is being “forced” to pop into Kassaras Pastry Shop.

The video below is just one example of the temptations to which I have succumbed.

It is made all that much more delicious knowing that it was created on site by the eponymous owner.

Although a little self indulgence can be for the soul, sharing with friends is also important.

As is finding a token to say “Happy Birthday”, “I love you” or just “Thank You”.

I have always found something (anything?) from the Kassaras Pastry Shop to be both well received and appreciated.

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Oh…I almost forgot…their latte and frappes are of the same high quality as the pastries and cakes?


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