First customers of 2017

Visits to Kos Town by necessity take us to the area near the main hospital.   Our preferred car parking is along Artemisias (a road running west-east, two blocks back from the sea).

The 10th February found us parked up opposite Ali Restaurant.  We took our coffee there. Sat outside in a pleasant 17 degrees with very little traffic.  We compared notes on what we remembered from our visits late in 2016.

On settling the bill we discovered that the place had been revamped and we were the first customers of 2017.   The photographs and video below attempt to reflect how fresh and “new” the restaurant feels.

There’s more information available on their website at

Based on our chat with the proprietor we have earmarked this for a future visit when we will have time to do the menu and atmosphere justice.   A major attraction is the local wines – those from Triantafyllopoulos being personal favourites.

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