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Ellie’s Carvery for Sunday Lunch

It is possible to eat well in Mastihari.  However, occasionally one develops a craving for what is widely referred to as a “good old fashioned Sunday roast”.  It is one meal that is not readily available in the village.

It is perfectly possible to source all the ingredients on the island and make it at home (or help mess up a friend’s kitchen).

Now consider time and effort it takes to produce a Sunday roast of three meats, Yorkshire puddings, roast and mashed potatoes, five vegetables, stuffing balls and two types of gravy.  Not forgetting bread sauce, mint sauce, cranberry sauce,  mustard etc.

Then there is all the washing up.

This is why we often make the effort to get across to Kardamena (about 10 minute drive from Mastihari) to visit Ellie’s Carvery.

The pictures above and below give a idea of what’s on offer.  What they cannot convey is the atmosphere, hospitality and unfailing cheerful demeanour of all those who go to make up “Team Ellie’s”.

Ellie’s Carvery runs a public Facebook Group.  Click on this sentence to visit and find out more (opens in new window/tab).



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