Advert or art?

One of the key landmarks is the offices of the ANEM ferry company.  The office buiding itself is unremarkable.  However, in its grounds is  an advertisement / logo.   Going past at speed in a car it appears to be just an advertisement.   In slower time, on foot, it seems to take on more of a scuplture like quality.

OK it is no Naum Gabo creation.

However, when taken in isolation the painted concrete could be said to take on a Rothko like quality.  The “funnel” has a horizontal hole in it – adding to the impression of the boat/ferry.  The logo, company acronym, description and fuller wording (in individual letters) are all raised by a few centimetres.   The shadows give a depth which complements the three flag poles – again reminiscent of sailing and the sea.

Best seen in sunshine and on a day when there’s a breeze to stimulate the flags.

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