Mobility and accessibility

The core of Mastihari village is flat and, aside from its two principle single-lane roads, is almost entirely pedestrianised.   This makes navigating the place relatively easy for those whom getting around is enabled in some way – be that, for example, a walking stick or wheelchair.   It is also helpful for those with childrens’ buggies and prams.

Most venues have ramp access – either permanent or temporary.

The main beach is fronted by a promenade.  It is largely flat and its surface varies between naked concrete, paved and brick sections.

The main beach tends to be soft sand between April and October.   Several of the businesses facing the main beach provide “walkways” to afford access to the part of the beach they face.   Most are sympathetic to the less able-bodied and are willing to offer help wherever they can.



As from 1st May 2017 a new venture will have started – Mobility Hire Kos.

It offers a range of equipment and aids and will deliver to/collect from all main areas on the island – including Mastihari.   Their web site is at  and they maintain a Facebook page at   (each link opens in a new tab/window).

(Please note : Other than the courtesy of seeking permission to use logo and URLS there is no business relationship or financial remuneration involved.  The last part of this post is by way of information – it is not a paid-for “advertisement”).

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