Promote with a Facebook post

If you’re on Facebook you’re likely to have made a post. It’s quick and simple. Best of all it’s “free”. Should you be minded that this site would help others find out about Mastihari and are content to make a post then please “copy and paste” the code below into a post.  But before hitting […]

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Section of a large supermarket sign lit up at night.

Marmari Supermarket

One of the venues for social gatherings both during the holiday season and out-of-season is the Birds Nest in Marmari.   One advantage of the out-of-season period is that the branch of a major supermarket chain is immediately opposite and is often closed.   This affords some car parking on an even surface.  Otherwise parking is on […]

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Mastihari I Love Mastixari

“I love Mastixari”

  Cover photograph for eponymous Facebook Group.  Newly revived for 2018. The English transliteration from the Greek leads to three variations – Mastihari, Mastichari and Mastixari. Should you be interested in connecting through the Group then please (i) click/tap on the “Continue Reading” button immediately below (to open the full post) and then (ii) click/tap […]

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Kastri Antimachea Compressed

Kastri (Castle) Antimachea : Aerial images

The increasing popularity of drones (quad copters) with the attendant advances in photographic capabilities allows us to view landmarks from an angle that most will not have seen before. Two principle considerations when planning for the flight around Kastri was its proximity to the airport and observing the “no photography” laws for some local establishments. […]

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Mastihari Bits Images Lamp

Looking and seeing

Living in the Mastihari environs affords the opportunity to “stand and stare”.   Especially out-of-season when there is little chance of being run over, getting in someone’s way or being hard pressed for time.  One such example is the picture of a light. It is (or was in autumn 2017) on the front of one […]

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Main Beach July 2017

World Tourism Day : September 2017


Mastihari Ellies Carvery02

Ellie’s Carvery for Sunday Lunch

It is possible to eat well in Mastihari.  However, occasionally one develops a craving for what is widely referred to as a “good old fashioned Sunday roast”.  It is one meal that is not readily available in the village. It is perfectly possible to source all the ingredients on the island and make it at […]

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Ilovemastihari Min

Gif version of I love Mastihari video

Having created a promotional video for Mastihari I decided to experiment with a .gif version.  It will hopefully be easier to propagate than a video because it can be used, in essence, in the same way as a static image.

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